Posts not showing up..anyone else finding it glitchy?

Hi, Just started using this web forum this week or so, in the last day or two I find I create a new topic, go to the forum and its not there, e.g. tonight I created a new topic, send it, there is no obvious way to revisit the forum as it sits there on screen as my post, so I click on the rhino for windows grey background which gets me back to forum, though not placed on page for that purpose, and I see no post.
Same problem as a few others this last day or so, but then after a while it showed itself, by myself going out and back in,

HOWEVER…now I look in on the forum again… its gone again !

I click on latest, not there, new…not there, unread…not there.

Whats going on ?


What web browser are you using and what OS?

You should be able to find your topics on your user profile, which is accessible by clicking or tapping your user icon or name in the upper right.