Anyone else having issues with this Forum page showing blank on Iphone?

Weird. Up until a couple wks ago I had no problems checking out the Rhino for Windows Forum page on my Iphone,… now all I get is a blank white screen whenever I type in the address, click on a forum thread title, etc…works fine on a laptop but just isn’t showing up on my iPhone screen, anyone else having this problem? thx

I don’t normally go there from my iPhone.
I just now used Chrome on my iPhone 7+ to browse to the Rhino home page, Support, Forum, and this thread.

No problem.
Everything looks fine to me.

it’s ok for me on iPhone/Safari

Me too

Sorry for late reply, but the McNeel/Rhino site finally started coming back up on my iPhone last nite. Just don’t get it…literally for weeks now, any link to these forums would show up as a blank white page. I got a random email for forum activity here, clicked it, and now it’s fine. Hopefully it stays that way. Regardless, thx for ur previous input.

^Do NOT click that link, I haven’t clicked it but it is obviously spam and who knows where it leads.

Yes. I have flagged it… it only takes 3 flags for it to disappear

As did I, but it doesn’t prevent anyone from clicking before hand :wink:

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Hi, what link are u guys referring to as spam? Thx

Hi - that was a link in a post that was posted 2 days ago and is now no longer visible. Nothing to worry about!