Possible Stupid question 😂 Curvature Graph

only that the curve continues to navigate in both directions

only in his example, the object is twisted in the shape of the curve

the object contortion

This code (below) is identical to what I posted two days ago except that it applies to the entire curve and uses 1000 HFramess instead of only 10. At every point along the curve, the cross section is both horizontal and perpendicular to the curve, just as it appears in your video (which explains nothing).

curvature_2019Nov22a.gh (20.3 KB)

There are more things that could be discussed here, such as centering the rectangle cross section on the curve(?) and/or positioning the pyramid object appropriately. But we’re 21 posts into this thread now and still don’t know what you want?

Long videos (TLTW, I didn’t watch it all) and goofy yoga poses aren’t helping at all.

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just help me create a second curve like in this example
starting from the first.
without resorting to the second curve
transform_curve_and_adaptobject.gh (251.6 KB)

Are you trying to keep this object “flat” on a cylindrical surface that is not included in your model? It appears that your curve is wrapped around a cylinder? :man_facepalming:


Front View. I feel like a dentist.

yes, it is correct but it was to explain to me which did not work, the idea is to edit the rotation of the curve
for example in your example the curve is still rotating it would create a surface in some way to find the normal direction but that is difficult

curvature_2019Nov22a.gh (11.2 KB)

OMG. :rofl: If you had provided that cylinder from the beginning… I’ll say nothing more. Bye.

curvature_2019Nov22b.gh (53.4 KB)

curvature_2019Nov22c.gh (56.7 KB) (FAIL with twist)

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and yet you help :rofl:
yes, in fact that gives me some ideas
to advance
Too bad it doesn’t work in all curves

prueba.3dm (293.0 KB) curvature_2019Nov22b.gh (66.4 KB)

curvature_2019Nov22dd.gh (45.1 KB)


curvature_2019Nov22dd2.gh (39.9 KB)

OK thanks
I didn’t want to go on that surface issue since it doesn’t work with a certain curve configuration
If you checked the workflow in the file I uploaded in the previous comment, you will see that it is not the curve on the surface but it is related in some way
the file is located in the previous review

they may give some light to address this form and not bother them anymore.
thank you very much

Full Screen

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if I understand that part was resolved,
but it is the approach that would not work in other cases
if you just check the previous files
@Joseph_Oster thank you very much


Could you construct a clear task, provide a surface you want the result to be tangent to, and a base curve, then a sketch / an image of the expected result?

I see you use jakalope, I really don’t know what that’s for and ain’t planning to install.

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@vikthor didn’t mention that his curve is on a cylindrical surface, apparently considering that detail to be irrelevant. It most definitely is not irrelevant! This is a “flow along surface” problem, not a “Curvature Graph” problem.

To demonstrate further, here is the same code I posted yesterday (curvature_2019Nov22dd2.gh) but with the derived cylinder group (yellow) moved out of the picture and two more surfaces and curves added:


“Bumpy” is from here:


Enneper surface is from here (included in this code, with random curve on surface added):

curvature_2019Nov23a.gh (63.5 KB)


it’s almost the idea
I’m thinking of making a new topic since this idea is not very dynamic :sweat_smile:

see you use jakalope, I really don’t know what that’s for and ain’t planning to install.

Jakalope is from McNeel which gives you the space morph components for Grasshopper in Rhino 5. Not needed if you use Rhino 6 + GH as those components have all been included by default in Grasshopper’s transform tab.

I am using v6 still I get the error message that I need that plugin.

They included them as native, the plug-in components won’t automatically be replaced by them.

perhaps they should be