Rotate curves along another curve as an axis

I would like to rotate 2 black curves around an orange curve (the orange curve acted as an axis for rotating) an angle (for example 10 degree). Is it possible to do it in Grasshopper or in Rhino?

There are a couple of things you could do…

  1. take the start and end points of the orange line as the axis of revolution and then use Rotate3D to rotate the curves around this axis.

  2. Divide the orange curve using PerpFrame and the black curves using DivideCurve and then rotate each of the black curve division points in the perpendicular frames. Then draw new black curves through the rotates points.

Do you expect the rotated curves to be exactly the same as the original black curves or distorted?

Thank you for your idea,

The 1st method didn’t work, I tested it before asking a question here.
The 2nd method makes my new curve has a little tolerance in the length after rotation. However, I check the distance of some random points along two curve - before and after rotation, the distance is very close. I think it’s can be as a temporary solution because I couldn’t find any way better (I had a crazy idea to bend the Orange curve straight → force the black curves Flow Along the Straight curve → Rotate then Flow back, but after testing it, the tolerance is out of control)

I attach the photo of the nodes for someone have the same problem can study.