Possible Stupid question 😂 Curvature Graph

Is it possible to rotate the curvature graph or restrict its rotation in xy so that it is oriented generating something like in example A?

it is because if I use the flow command in example B the figure generates distortion; but if broken in object “A” maintains a natural flow

And yeah, I know that ‘t’ values do not directly correlate with length…

Hi @vikthor, is this a Rhino or Grasshopper question. It’s in the GH category, but I only see Rhino in the screenshots.

Hi @DavidRutten and @Joseph_Oster thanks
@DavidRutten I wish I could solve it with grasshopper
It was easier to explain myself with an example with geometry directly in Rhino.
the only thing that interests me is to restrict the rotation of the curve, so in the example I use the curvature graph, regardless of the heights it has along the path.
only be able to address in a direction without rotation

curvature_2019Nov19b.gh (12.6 KB)

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It is not what I have in mind. I will try otherwise to make myself understood; please bear with me
Imagine a reptile moving along a path, it happens that when the reptile moves along the curve it begins to rotate along it. that’s the rotation i would like to avoid.
tried to achieve a natural flow
curvature_2example.gh (50.7 KB)
but I want to be able to easily adapt to any 3d curve

OH! You know, I really can’t emphasize strongly enough how helpful it would have been to have your GH model from the very beginning. REALLY. Don’t need the video, the model is enough.

Flow doesn’t seem to give you any options but you could use “perp frames” aligned with vertical or horizontal to loft a cross section to make the box, then use Orient to add the pyramid thing (not shown below). Often there is no difference but sometimes maybe there is?

curvature_2019Nov19c.gh (49.2 KB)

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No code again? I’m done, ciao.

:pensando: it’s really not the solution I’m looking for

Please check the attached file, I am trying to create a curve similar enough to the help curves that I have attached in the example.

transform_curve_and_adaptobject.gh (251.6 KB)

  1. the idea is to create any curve in space
  2. of said curve create a second curve, but avoid molding it manually in rhino.

Is there a way to alter the direction taken by the curvature graph in such a way that it directly affects the involved curve, and that the graph shows the new orientation of the curve?

Is the question about how to control the shape of the curve, or for a curve with a certain shape how to change what the curvature shape displays?

or for a curve with a certain shape how to change what the curvature shape displays?

exactly i’m trying to change the shape of the curvature

Or do you want to alter the shape of a curve by changing the curvature graph similar to moving control points? If so I don’t think that is possible.

Unfortunately, this is how I try to manipulate the curve from that perspective, it is the cradle of the distortion of the orientation of the flow along a curve

Are you trying to build a rollercoaster?

Take a curve that would describe your path then array isoceles triangles along it. Rotate the said triangles around the point attached on the base curve according to your expectations. Then interpolate curves from each of the two corners thay are not attached to your base curve.

edit1 : F ! This is a tiny gif :upside_down_face:
edit2 : Thank you @DavidRutten for edit 1.5 !

I can have a look in that file when I’m on my computer… But I think i used Curvature component (+ some gravity equations to have the banking from the forces). This is a old and bad version though.
But for your specific question I’d use Curvature component, then move points in opposite direction of the curvature at parameter… Not perfect, but that’s what first comes to my mind :slight_smile:

Curvature.gh (4.8 KB)


I’m not looking for an extreme ride :rofl:
just a pleasant trip along the route :grinning:

But is this what you were looking for? :slight_smile:

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@vikthor hasn’t explained yet what’s wrong with what I posted above, but I’m not going to pull teeth to get answers.
curvature_2019Nov19c.gh (49.2 KB)
(not sure how I messed up the date in my file names)

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only that the curve continues to navigate in both directions