Possibilty for "Grasshopper Engine" in the future?

With houdini having able to plug into any other 3D software (max, maya, etc) through “houdini engine”
Is there any thought in devteam on developing something similar to that?

My office hv worked most of the design modelling in maya, and using rhino grasshopper for creating parametric forms and to create working drawings in terms of panel fabrication or facade detailings.

We have just discovered houdini engine that can be run inside maya / max and utilize the full power of houdini procedural nodes and parametric control with most of houdini SOP (in grasshopper is : component) be able to run 100% in the host application.

I found this to be very intuitive and make the design process more streamline without hving to jump around 2 different softwares.

It would be great for rhino (grasshopper) to be able to run inside other 3d software as grasshopper solution is more ellegant than any other visual programming apps

Of course in order to run this “grasshopper” engine. One should purchase the license for rhino and the other host application to make it work.

So the future 3D platform is more integrated between each other.

Just a wild thought…

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An innovative and a welcome prospect