Populate with different Objects

i quickly built together a scribble in which i have 2 spheres with different rad, in the end i might need several different objects, so the spheres are just a dummy for now. it still could be interesting to randomize the radius of the sphere though but that is plan b…

is there any way to use several different objects for populate and control how often which part of the input geometry gets used? i assume i have to use some sort of lists, but where would i place?

how would i change the size of the objects (or by any other means of input/scaling) randomly, so that ideally none is the same.

thanks in advance!

populate random.gh (5.6 KB)


You should play around with Random and/or Jitter.

Here are some examples.

populate random.gh (17.8 KB)

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For several reasons, this is very boring, but I’m not going to tease out something more interesting.

populate random_2023Mar8a.gh (10.6 KB)

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Wordle.gh (14.0 KB)
If the region is flat You can use my tool.

20230308 nesting words test.gh (15.3 KB)

And now a version in Nautilus

Wordle.gh (7.4 KB)

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@magicteddy @Joseph_Oster @laurent_delrieu thanks a lot for you quick contributions! i went ahead and used teddy’s simple random version to start from, there is one minor bug though, if i use a lot of numbers there is one spot where all random spheres get collected into, its thankfully very visible at higher numbers so i can delete that part manually after baking. i copied the definition onto my mobile but unfortunately it seemed to have gotten corrupt so i can not share it right now…

also is there a way to deform a sphere other than just using scale? i tried bend with arc but that did not work well, flow does work a bit but it does not provide enough control, i could use displacement maps for the spheres but i would like to avoid that, any suggestions? thanks again!