Polysurface with lots of cutouts, is optimization possible?

Hi guys!,
I’m trying to make a facade with a lot of small cut outs.
It all works with Boolean difference and a lot of waiting time, but it creates polysurfaces that require quite a bit of memory. The part shown below added about 25 mbs to my rhino file, which wouldn’t be a problem if it was the only bit I needed, but I have a lot more cutouts to make. I wonder if there is a way to make the polysurfaces use less memory?

Hi Jessica - it may pay to use texturing for this - is the end result, as far as this model is concerned, an image or 3d print or construction?


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Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the suggestion! The problem is that I will be making 3D renders of the building with enscape, and I would like to have the openings be actual openings to let light come through. If there is no way to make this use less memory I’ll probably only make the cutouts where I’m going to take the images.

Hi Jessica - you should be able to make a material with masking for this.


Thank you very much!