Polysurface to one single surface

Hello, I have been trying to make one single surface from this polysurface. I tried making it with sweep 1 and 2, contour, surface network, and nothing its very accurate. Any recommendations.

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Welcome @gzoffoli

Archive1.3dm (4.0 MB)

Hwllo - why do you need this? PanelingTools?


I need it to work with it in grasshopper but as one sigle surface, and now there is 3 of them making the shape

That is probably not realistic - can you use a mesh?


Geometrico.gh (14.4 KB)
I´m trying to set the surface of that shape into this GH definition

Hi -

As was already said, that’s not going to be possible.
You should probably try to explain your end-goal.

I have been using flow along the surface to make pattern and applying it tu other shapes, in this case i couldn´t make a single surface for this object and can apply the the patterns

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Can you include the pattern you’d like to apply and a rough sketch of the output you hope to get?

Geometrico.gh (11.4 KB)

I want to do this, but with the shape i upload later

The shape you showed first seems to lend itself to radial pattern arrangement while the example with the pattern is more linear. I’m mentioning this because it can be much easier to manage a linear pattern or one that follows some path. Here is an attempt using PanelingTools:
PolySurfaceToSurfaceUsingPT.3dm (672.1 KB)

Also, to give you more options and as a comparison with a more linear form, the following shows a comparison between using the radial direction that covers all the polysurface with potential pattern, and one that is more linear. I hope it helps.
PolySurfaceToSurfaceUsingPT2.3dm (2.0 MB)

Thank you! can you upload that file in rhino6?

PolySurfaceToSurfaceUsingPT2_6.zip (788.8 KB)

Thank you!! Can you explain how you did it?

Have you used PanelingTools before? The steps are under the first image posted. You can download and install PanelingTools from here. It is free:


Perfect! thanks, im going to check it out