Polysurface dimensions

Hy you all,
I’ve created a small GH file to analyse the dimensions of différentes RH models made of extrusions or polysufaces on Rhino for Mac.
everythings works properly exept when SOME off the RH volumes set as Berps in Gh are rotated, scaled or not perfectly rectangular as shown in pict and files joined.
I tried to clear the values of Berp, close and resart RH & GH but the berp stays in place and the bouncingBox doesn’t rotate whith the volume.

test.3dm (2.3 MB)
test.gh (15.4 KB)
It seems that I don’t know very well how to use the berps. What did I missed?
My final goal is to get a list of dimensions of a collection of polysurfaces in Rh caged in bouncing boxes. There may be a simplier way to achive that?
If you need i can send you the complet Gh file…
Thanks for your help

Hope it helps you out.

test _re.gh (30.3 KB)

On my way to test it.
Thanks a lot.
I’ll tell you if I’ll work it out

It works