Rotating Geometry on Surface

Hey guys,

I was trying to rotate circles from horizontal to vertical in the surface’s respective outward axis, on a lofted surface (please see image). I tried 3D rotation but apparently the axis was not what i wanted. So i am curious what I can do to achieve that ?

What I am ultimately trying to do is Attractor points on this surface.

Thank your for your help in advance
Attractor (14.7 KB)

where is the rhino file?

you can use faces as normals

or this

Attractor (11.9 KB)


OMG… I feel so stupid… I went such a long way with closest point on srf and orient when you can just plug normal to normal… :sweat_smile:

My next question is with cutting out the holes on the lofted surface. I tried with Solid difference, but it only did cut a couple, not all the holes, I am wondering what is going on.

Random List.3dm (486.8 KB)

Random (10.0 KB)

Thank you Khaled for the help ~~ very much appreciated. :+1:

you can use Surface split (8.9 KB)

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So the Split surface only cuts the original surface with the circles, then whatever behind is selecting the cut surface ?

i don’t understand you ; it’s simple cut a surface with curve

Erm, what i meant is the portion with the area, sort, reverse list, list item.

area and sort list than reverse to find the big surface and separate it
cull index 0 which is the big surface to separate circles only

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I see. Thanks Again Khaled ! :love_you_gesture:

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