"PolygonCount" command returns difficult to read text in the Command line

Upon using the “! _PolygonCount” command, the Command line fails to properly align the two rows of text that describe the polygon count of the selection. Looks like it adds an extra empty row in-between. Here is an example from the latest Rhino 7 release.

That looks like the command-line history hasn’t scrolled to the bottom properly.

I don’t see that here, my command line is docked at the bottom with 4 lines showing.

On my PC with Rhino 7 and Windows 10 Pro there is always one extra empty row between the two rows of text upon using the “Polygon count” command to calculate the geometry of a sphere, an ellipsoid or a SubD object of any shape. However, if I use the exact same command on a box, cone, cylinder or another non-spherical NURBS object, then both rows of text show properly in the Command line.

Version 7 (7.2.21021.7001, 21.1.2021 г.) Commercial