Points on brep

How to check if the point is on Brep?

Have you tried the Brep CP component…

I don’t wanna vertices of Breps I just want the points that are on faces

Please illustrate your situation or post an example Rhino file with a Grasshopper definition or a GH definition with internalised inputs.

Any gh?

Use brep closest point component, that would then output a point that is projected perpendicularly (i.e. shortest distance) to the brep and the distance of the original point and the projected point. Then you hook the distance output to an equality component to 0 (or smaller than 0.01 if you want some tolerance). Then you will get the index of the point that is “on” the surface, use cull pattern to cull the irrelevant points then you got the list of points that is on the brep surface.