Check if point is within a closed brep - Rhino Common or Rhinoscript

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How do I check if a point is within a solid brep using python?

I know that grasshopper has a component called “Point in Brep", but I am scripting in Python 3 (Rhino WIP), and I only have access to Rhino Common or Rhinoscript. In rhino script, there is a feature called (Rhino.IsObjectInBox(brick.ObjectId,boundingBox), but this only works with bounding boxes from my understanding, and not with breps that are trapezoidal.

I wrote the following code which also works for plan boxes as the bounding box, but I need to cover a wider range of cases.

def isBrickWithinBounds(brick,bounds):

    boundsDict = getBoundingBoxMaximumsAndMinumums(boundingBox) #dict

    bounds =     [  [boundsDict['minX'],     boundsDict['maxX']], 
                    [boundsDict['minY'],     boundsDict['maxY']],
                    [boundsDict['minZ'],     boundsDict['maxZ']]     ]

    brickCentroid = rg.AreaMassProperties.Compute(brick).Centroid

    if (not boundsDict['minX'] < brickCentroid.X < boundsDict['maxX']):
        return False
    elif (not boundsDict['minY'] < brickCentroid.Y < boundsDict['maxY']):
        return False
    elif (not boundsDict['minZ'] < brickCentroid.Z < boundsDict['maxZ']):
        return False
    return True

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Brep.IsPointInside method (

Note that you need to make two separate checks on the character of the Brep (closed and manifold).

(haven’t used that one yet myself)

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No way, how did I not find this? I did scour the docs for a few hours…