Points in blocks : properties lost when transformed

I found that points within blocks, and only points it seems, loose their properties if transformed :

Points properties lost.gh (6.8 KB) TEST BLOCK.3dm (54.2 KB)

That’s because of the way a point is stored.

I usually use the path structure to re-assign properties later on.

Thanks for the suggestion.
This is kind of a PITA though…
Would you mind sending me a basic definition showing how you re-define a block definition, along with object attributes ?

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It’s about how Rhino’s Point is translated into GH’s point. In Rhino it is a point while in GH it’s only a combination of three numbers.

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@osuire as you mentioned this is complicated but the path structure is something which can be used throughout the whole document. I took me a while to understand…

Points properties lost.gh (40.9 KB)

TEST BLOCK.3dm (69.2 KB)

Well, it is possible to get the properties when the points are fresh out of the “ExplodeBlock” component.
It is not even necessarily referenced Rhino Geometry because the referenced block doesn’t even need to have an instance in Rhino, as long as it is defined in the file !
As this point is moved along in the definition, it always displays in a panel as three coordinates. There’s really no knowing that it was once a spacific Elefront class and has become a humble triplet.

And it gets even more confusing if you try to hook-up a Human “Object Properties” component :

In short, it is never clear what type of object we are dealing with.

Thanks for the files. I use the path structure massively too ; lots of “Path herding” as Luis Fraguada told me once :slight_smile:
Actually, I’m more interested in the management of attributes.
I find that it gets difficult when the block contains objects that don’t have the same Keys, objects with no keys, etc…

Yes, it’s challenging

Elefront has its own geometric implementation circumventing GH issues, which might be a way to provide you more information whereas the data becomes, more or less, incompatible with other plugins, etc.

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