Points at varying length on curve

I have a curve (or several) that I want to place points on. The distance between these points should start at 7mm and then go down to 3.6mm, and this should be controlled by a graph. If the curve is not long enough for the next point, it shouldn’t be placed.

This is probably simple for someone experienced, but the above is as far as I’ve gotten and then I’m lost in the deconstructive thinking required for Grasshopper… because I have the intervals, but I need to add them to get the total distances (length), I think? And I have no idea how to do that.

not very clear to me :slight_smile:
are you happy to have a final portion of your curve to be trimmed out because it doesn’t fit another point?

like in this case: 9 points are placed, but there’s a portion of curve left…

Pts_on_curve.gh (13.6 KB)

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I didn’t know about Mass Addition, and just adding it gave me the result I wanted.

(Yes, I have a warning because apparently I need to remove the numbers larger than the curve length, but it still works so I guess I can leave it.) :slight_smile:

yeah, when that warning appears it means that the last segment you wanted to be there (which is the 3.6 unit long one) is not there and you have to decrease the step count