Pointlights with intensity falloff


Does any Rhino (plugin) renderer have a pointlight with decreased intensity at further distance?
What we are after is rendering a series of LED’s within an open structure. However the Rhino Renderer will render a pointlight with full intensity into infinity, creating unrealistic lighting.
What would be needed is a pointlight that is realistic in it’s decrease of intensity when shining on objects further away from it.


Any proper rendering system has this, in V-Ray it’s called decay.
For point light you can choose between realistic “square of the distance” or more faking “half the distance” .
In V-Ray, like Brazil, Maxwell and other, you can use a iperealistic light behaviour via ies files.

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Hi Willem, try RhinoAIR it has linear and squared falloff by default for pointlights.

You can create your own formula of course using custom shaders and probably use instances for the light so the display in Rhino stays usable with hundrets of lights.


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