PointClouds with additional per point attributes

When constructing a PointCloud, adding an additional double (intensity) value per point is possible. But when I have PointClouds with more additional values, what would be the best way of adding them?
Can they be added as user data to the individual point? Ideally, the values remain correctly associated even after the CointCloud gets edited in Rhino.

Hi @design12,

You can add user data to any point cloud object. You’ll need to maintain parallel arrays, as you cannot add user data to points themselves.

You’ll need to watch for Rhino object replacement events and try to synchronize your user data.

– Dale

Thanks @dale,

I ended up splitting the point cloud on import into smaller clouds of points with the same combination of attributes and attached those to the cloud instead. On export, I then reassemble the point cloud and write the values back to the corresponding points.