PointCloudContour origin

I’m using PointCloudContour for the first time. I don’t understand how the origin for the contour planes is determined. I pick a point for the contour plane base point but the sections created are not (contour distance) from the base point, nor are the sections (contour distance) apart. Location and spacing seems to depend on the extents of the point cloud; different sized point clouds give different results. It seems like it should work just like Contour.


Hi Eric- thanks, I see the base point & spacing problem… but apart from that the thing has to know how far to look from each plane to get a point - it may actually hit no points at all - i.e. it cannot quite work like Contour, but I see it does not work very well, either, in my tests - I’ll chat with the developer.

RH-69906 ContourPointCloud - spacing is off


Yeah, I get the “fuzziness” control that is different from Contour- that makes sense.


RH-69906 is fixed in the latest WIP

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