Point3d.Z not working?


I am trying to get the points from a Curve.DivideByLength command to be copied and moved up in the Z-axis.

I have done this by populating a new Point3d list but the (line 63) Point3d.Z will not move the new points up in the Z axis according the FHeight double input param (see below) - would appreciate the help, I think this could be an issue with arrays and lists?

You’re at no point assigning any value to the Z property of any points. You’re only reading the z value and storing it in the FHeight variable, which is the overwritten in every loop iteration.

How about this:

SCurve.DivideByLength(..., out basePoints);
var topPoints = new Point3d[basePoints.Length];

for (int i = 0; i < basePoints.Length; i++)
  topPoints[i] = new Point3d(basePoints[i].X, basePoints[i].Y, basePoints[i].Z + FHeight);

This does not work and i have no idea why - it looks like it should work

Ahhh i got it to work. wooooooooo