Point List (Points)

Hi All,

I am using the Point List (Points) to list and sequence a data set of points…

I would like to use the list that is automatically created in grasshopper as an input for another task i.e. store each data points number for future use - but I can’t seem to find any way to do this as the icon has not output option.

Can anyone suggest a way to do this? either with or without the use of point list (points)?

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That is … the index?

Can you explain again?

Sorry if this I’m missing something obvious here…

I have a list of data points which I then sequence and visualize using Point List (Points), (shown with red arrow).

Is there a way I can store the numbers created in the Point List (Points) process (i.e. numbers 1-5)? So I can then go on to use the numbering in future…

Thank you

List Length + Series

Perfect thank you Riccardo!