Point construction


hello, i would like to know if it is possible to construct a point directly form a list of 3 values, I mean directly, no grafting the list and then giving each of the branches to the x y z values. Thanks a lot

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Besides construct point I just know “Numbers to Points” as a stadard gh component. If you are sick of doing what you described above maybe create a cluster for it and save it as an user object.


If you post your input you’ll get more valuable input. Now everyone trying to answer your question so have to do a guess to what you mean.


use the component 'construct point", first item under vector/point


I meant this, the

inverse operation, just with ther numbers in a list

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Yes. Numbers to points is the inverse operation. If it’s still not right, give us your list as an example. Everyone is just guessing. I still don’t know exactly what you want and I think I’m not the only one.


ohhhhhhhhh i did not know that there was that component number to pointssssss thanks!!! (sorry for not writting a very clear question, my foul)

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Told you in my first comment :see_no_evil: