Point Grid in XY

Hello all,

I would like if possible a bit of advice, I am creating a grid of points in XY to cover a specific area, the grid is based on columns (Verticals or in Y axis) as the image show (green points).

My definition would work and cover it all but I have the feeling that instead of creating a long list in GH (in the red box area which will need to reach up to 50) might be a simple solution.

Also for next step in the definition green-gray boxes each part will need to repeat 75 times to cover X

Any piece of advice would be appreciate it.

Uploading GH definition and Image
Point Data Management.gh (16.2 KB)

this might make life easier :slight_smile:
it measures the size of the rectangle-curve (A) and divides it by X and Y point spacing (B, C)
then moves everything along Y as described by the pattern in D (0, 5, 0, +5, …)

in this case X and Y spacing is the same, so you could also replace the rectangular grid component with a squared grid component… but I prefere flexibility so I tend to not use the squared one

Point Data Management_inno.gh (18.5 KB)

each branch of the data tree contains points with same X coordinate, sorted along Y (same color = same branch)

Thanks Inno looks more simple for sure, quick question, how would you select each branch? sort of the way I had mine in groups.

I guess I was trying to avoid thinking about it when I did my definition.


yeah, didn’t think you wanted them in separate lists :slight_smile:

this could be one way:

Point Data Management_inno_Re.gh (22.6 KB)

[edit] by they way you could get there several different ways, for instance also by just creating one dedicated grid for each alignment:

Point Data Management_inno_Re_Re.gh (22.8 KB)

Awesome!! thanks for the help!!