Plugin for generating site model? : (Buildings from DWG)

Hello all,

I was looking for recommendations on a plugin similar to Elk that generates site models from 3d line DWGs.

When we order site maps from my city they come with accurate landscapes and building sites. I previously generated models with Sketchup using Architects tools. After trying to switch over to Rhino/GH I was looking for a similar plugin. Thanks for the help and I have attached an image under to illustrate how the SU plugin works!

Hi - Could you upload a part of what you get as input? Perhaps that might generate more ideas…

Hei Wim,

Thanks for the reply. I am attaching a 3ds file of the lines that I get coming into Rhino. I have cleaned up all the extra information and have included a rough landscape. Please let me know if there is anything else I could include.
. j.


Hei igjen, Jason -
No takers among the super-scripters around here, it looks like…

I’ve taken a look at that file but before inflicting a Grasshopper definition on you, two more questions:

  1. The input is rather messy
    • some roof edges are broken up into small pieces
    • some roof edges are joined to include 2, 3, or even 4 edges
    • the roof edges are not horizontal and don’t form planar surfaces
    • some roofs appear to be upside-down
  • Question: did you already modify some of these or is this the state in which you get them? I’m assuming that this is how you get them and my definition tries to work with this input. If the input is different from this, the definition needs to be something else.
  1. Are you running Rhino 7? The definition that I am working on requires selecting 2 roof curves and 1 roof type (I only have regular gable roofs and hip roofs). The constant interaction with the Rhino viewport makes it much more comfortable running this definition with the Rhino 7 GrasshopperPlayer command so that you don’t have to deal with navigating in both the Rhino viewport and the Grasshopper canvas. I can get rid of the GrasshopperPlayer components if you need this in Rhino 6 but it’s probably going to be a pain there. I can turn it into a Rhino plug-in…

Also, how automatic is that SU plug-in?