Plugin for generating site model? : (Buildings from DWG)

Hello all,

I was looking for recommendations on a plugin similar to Elk that generates site models from 3d line DWGs.

When we order site maps from my city they come with accurate landscapes and building sites. I previously generated models with Sketchup using Architects tools. After trying to switch over to Rhino/GH I was looking for a similar plugin. Thanks for the help and I have attached an image under to illustrate how the SU plugin works!

Hi - Could you upload a part of what you get as input? Perhaps that might generate more ideas…

Hei Wim,

Thanks for the reply. I am attaching a 3ds file of the lines that I get coming into Rhino. I have cleaned up all the extra information and have included a rough landscape. Please let me know if there is anything else I could include.
. j.