Plot 3D Graph for rotating object

Hey everyone, this is my second post here and I am new to Grasshopper and Rhino. This community has been greatly helpful and I can’t thank you enough.

I am currently researching designing floating cities at Princeton, and so I am trying to calculate Potential Energy surface of floating objects. Here is what I am doing:

Development from Daniel (123.7 KB)

  • I am now interested in rotating the object in YZ-plane (call it alpha-rotation) and XZ-plane (call it beta-rotation) and I want to plot a 3D surface in Grasshopper showing:
  1. Alpha-rotation on the x-axis (vary it from 0 to 180 degrees);
  2. Beta-rotation on the y-axis (vary it from 0 to 180 degrees);
  3. Potential Energy on the z-axis (it’s simply the last value in the result).

I tried some methods and it’s not working, so I am still not sure how to do it.