Please help me, is it possible to do that on grasshopper?

Hey there, I’d like to know how hard would it be to do that on grasshopper?
Which component should I use?
Frome the beginning to 01:07

It might be possible to produce something similar, but if your aim is primarily these sort of motion graphics with particle effects combined with dynamic lighting, I think you would probably find it much easier with something like Houdini / Cinema4D / Blender.

No no, the idea is really to produce something similar in the movement only, just the movement of the “walls”

So what plugin/component should I use?

I see. It looks like there are a number of different effects going on there, but most of them could be seen as some sort of displacement function applied to a mesh - you could try all sorts of different mathematical/noise/distance functions here.
I’d recommend to start without plugins - just make a mesh and move the points like this: (17.9 KB)

Okay great, thanks… Last question: How do we export an animation like this? Like I couldn’t find any tutorials about how to do that

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