Plasticity: Thoroughly unimpressed

Seemslike a nice tool. But… I don’t know who’s responsible for the UX/UI, but it needs lots of work.
Now, this is based on a first impression. Per my Reddit post, below.

I’m not asking here, just reporting in. IMO these aren’t questions that should have to be asked.

I’ve been using 3d software since roughly 1988.

I’ve seen LOTS of glowing reviews for this app (most of which still say it’s $99) but I have to say - just jumping in and using something that looks like this should be intuitive. So far, for me, in playing around for about an hour, that hasn’t been my experience.

I’m going to admit right here: I test 3D by jumping in and experimenting, not by reading or watching tutorials. I will read/watch later, or search once I’ve exhausted searching and key-combo-pressing. That’s an equalizer for me.

Here are a few things I’m curious about that simply don’t seem to work as expected.

Pre-question question: is there a “universal” chooser/tool/gumball whatever that will pick whatever you click on, and drill through selection types with key combos? E.g. click on a cube, it selects the cube. Alt-click, select edges on the cube. That is, rather than pre-choosing selection type.

Can I make Move (g) the default for object selection?

Can we “accept” a move by clicking on another object?

After drawing a closed polyline (curve), how can I select one of the edges?

How can we fill a closed polyline to make it faces? Can this be set as default?

After extruding, how can we pick points on the extruded object?

Can we extrude faces into bodies by default?

Is there a command to make an extrusion on an existing object create new faces, rather than “growing” the object?

How do we zoom all / zoom selected? “Zoom” doesn’t come up as a command.

Is there a way to get “thickness” to work without chamfers on a polygon where different segments have been extruded to different depths and meet at an angle?

Is right-clicking a thing in this app?

That’s it for my first hour of playing around. I really want to like this software, but am running into roadblocks pretty quickly.

I think you got lost there mate, what does your post have to do with Rhino3D and McNeel?


Maybe we could discover similarities with Rhino, or declare that Rhino, despite not having the power of Parasolid, is more intuitive and fun to use. Making comparisons between different software can have its function, it is never a trivial thought.

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Speaking for myself, Rhino isn’t the only tool I use. So for me, being aware of and learning about tools to add to my workflow is profoundly useful.

Other thoughts..

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And you do well! On the one hand there is Parasolid, with all the relevant variations, and on the other there is Rhino (and similar).
Parametric on one side, and free form nurbs on the other side. Two different worlds, which could interact.
For example, I would only use Plasticity to make fillets or complex shell.

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The designer never limit himself with one tool, we always need to try everything new.

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yeah, but the way you just copy pasted your reddit post made it look like you were posting on a Plasticity forum, like, you are literally asking stuff about the other software in here, that was just low effort posting and that was what trigerred me, but I got baited I guess into giving this post relevance.