Plans to update github for rhinocommon?

The rhinocommon github repository has been quite helpful for me,
Are there any plans to update the source code? Or is it an experiment that is discontinued with Rhino 6?

Hey @arendvw, thanks for bringing this up. Aside from the rhino3dmio branch, this repository hasn’t received much love lately!

We’re all believers in open source, but we’re still learning how to be better maintainers of open source projects and how to keep these projects in sync with our internal efforts whilst being able to quickly accept contributions (like yours).

Right now we’re working our way through all the existing issues and migrating those that are still relevant over to YouTrack. That isn’t to say that we plan to close the repo, it’s just that requests get lost if they’re distributed across multiple systems.

Can I ask what you’ve found most useful about having the RhinoCommon source code available?

Hi Will,

Thanks for the quick reply!

My usage of the source code is twofold: I’m using the library for opennurbs-v5 on linux (so in order to build the native library),

A second (larger) benefit is looking up how things are implemented was hugely benefitial in figuring out what’s going on (as an extended documentation for rhinocommon, grasshopper and other programming adventures).

Also I can completely understand the mcneel internal set of priorities is completely different.

As far as the efforts go for Rhino 6 on linux: I’ve been able to compile opennurbs to the extend that all examples are working reasonably, so I was just wondering if I could repeat the same trick for rhino3dmio, but right now it seems the opennurbs6 compatible version is not yet available.

Here’s the changes that make it compile on my side, it shouldn’t be too much effort to make the same thing work on linux:


I second the request (and the reasons/benefits described by @arendvw) of hearing about update plans for the open source repos: RhinoCommon and I’d add ghpython to the request as well.

@will, @dan, @stevebaer - have the Linux additions in OpenNURBS for rhino3dm already been merged?

@arendvw @casas

you might want to check out the rhino3dm repository. The module for instance provides a wrapper around OpenNURBS, it works on Linux. I use the module for importing into Blender directly from a 3dm file.

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Merged back in to the master branch for OpenNURBS? Not yet. I’ll get around to this, but not in the next few days.

I’m still trying to figure out how to best support this. My current thought it to move the code into a .NET portion of the rhino3dm repo that was referred to earlier in this thread. We need to get some automated tools in place so we can synchronize code between our private source and a public repository.


Also my 2 cents here: today I was looking for more information on how the double precision vertex support in the MeshVertexList is implemented. Needless to say that the Github source code was not very helpful with its last commit in 2016 :frowning:

It would be very useful if this could be kept in sync with the internal McNeel efforts (which begs the question why there are internal and external repositories to begin with).

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Hi @menno,

The public repo was required to build Rhino3dmIO. Now that we provide NuGet packages on all platforms, there really isn’t any reason to build RhinoCommon (or Rhino3dmIO).

If your curious about double-precision mesh vertices, the best thing you can do is review the openNURBS (C++) source code, as RhinoCommon just calls into it.

– Dale