Planes X,Y adjustment

Hi !

i’m trying to orient some geometry to a grid of points but i need the x y z so i create a planes and adjusted Z axis .

the problem is when i create a planes , each one has different x , y position ,

the question is how can i adjust the x , y axis to be line the black drawing below ?

Plane (10.0 KB)

Do you want the x axis to always be horizontal and the y axis to be as upwards as possible?

that’s exactly what i’m looking for

Please upload the files without plugins or at least let us know that we need a certain plugin to open it.

would this do the trick?

Plane (12.6 KB)


I used the Lunchbox plugin to create the Diagrid structure , and paneling tool plugin to offset a grid

it definitely would , thanks a lot

Check this as well (13.6 KB)

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This will do the job as well , Tanks a lot !