Correct Plane Orientation

Hi guys,

I am having some trouble creating planes with the correct orientation…

AS you can see in the picture below, the X axis does not coincide with the white lines, that’s what’s wrong.

I tried to correct this by rotating the existing planes by the difference between each axis… (green in the image). Thing is, there are actually 4 sides, and they vary differently…

I think there are two options…

  1. Rethink a better way of creating the planes with the correct orientation (it’s very probable that someone can come up with a better method than mine)
  2. Make the idea work for the 4 sides… meaning some data management shenanigans. (25.6 KB)

Thanks for any help!

a quick approach, like this? (41.3 KB)

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I think that’s exactly what I needed! Thank you for taking the time.