Plane shaping after rebuild does not curve smoothly

Hello there! I am having trouble with my planes not being curved when I try to shape it (after being rebuilt) it doesn’t curve like its supposed to

I create a rectangular plane I then rebuild it and turn pointson. But when I try to move (let’s say half the points up) it only brings those up basically as a plane with a sharp diagonal connecting to the rest of the points without curving up smoothly like all the YT tutorials are showing. I do not know whether that is a quick setting I am missing or what exactly. It curves as needed when I purposely make the plane deformable, but that takes too long to enter in the U and V points for each, and when I try to rebuild it anyways the curves go away on that too. I am fairly new to Rhino, but this has stumped me and my internet searches for a while now. I have included a basic picture and file of it to make it possibly easier to help. If anyone knows how to fix this that would be awesome! Thanks


plane not working example 1.3dm (55.4 KB)

For example, this is the basic concept of what I am trying to achieve (to which I can apply it to more advanced shapes next)

(this was found on a YT tutorial)

When you rebuild your plane don’t make it a degree 1 surface. You’ll want degree 3 in most cases.

While the doc Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS) [McNeel Wiki] talks about splines/curves, the info translates to surfaces as well.

Oh my word that did it. Thank you. Is there any merit to going more than 3 or does that affect the model negatively?

I’m no surface expert, @pascal and all the other surfacing experts in the community will know better, but I believe using the simplest possible approaches is always the best. If you start introducing unnecessary complexity early on you’ll find that it comes back to haunt you later on, making your modelling experience only harder than needs be.

Understood. I will live by those words xD. thank you again. Have a great rest of your night

Thanks, my workday just started, it is 08:40 in my part of the world (:

Enjoy learning and using Rhino!

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