Plane in the middle point of the edges

I want to create a plane taking as origin the middle points of the edges as displayed in the image and as base the surface, for all the surfaces. In the second image there is what I want to achieve but I was able to do it on just one surface. I tried with plane origin but it gives the plane oriented in a wrong way. I want plane that have the same orientation of the referenced surface. Maybe I have to manage data in a specific way because there is a surface and six points at time (in the case of hexagons).

Thanks for any kind of suggestions.


Post your definition

test (8.8 KB)

shape is missing

test (1.9 MB)

Use Perp Frame

Or you can use this ; you don’t need to explode and find duplicate points

test plane (1).gh (1.9 MB)

Thanks a lot.

But If I wanted the plane in the same orientation of the surface and not perpendicular?

Every hexagon has its direction.
So you got duplicates frames with diffrent directions

Yes but I meant to have planes with the orientations like this:
what I see here is perpendicular frames with directions depending on the edges.
I need to draw circles by using these planes.

Thank you.

I don’t understand what you want
If you want use all surfaces individually than you will see overlapped pipes or circles
If you want avoid that you can’t get frame perpendicular to two surfaces at the same time

test plane (2).gh (1.9 MB)

I want that on these top surfaces I have planes on the middle points of the edges which have orientation of their hexagons. I did this on the hexagon above but when I try to use the same process on all of the surfaces I have some problems.

Check the file will many possibilities and choose what you need

I think it’s working now but I used plane origin.

Thanks a lot

you can also use plane normal and steal the normal from the center of your polygon:

but as Seghier warns you, this is inescapable if you must deal with more than one polygon and with their normals being unique each time: