Place and orient objects on curve points

Please see this post: Points on curve equally spaced from new start/end points

I’m trying to have a geometry placed on each of these points and oriented perpendicular to a surface.
Thank you!

I don’t know if it wasn’t answered yet because the problem was marked as solved in an earlier stage of the process.

It’s post 23 and 24

Post file of some sort.

Curve Frame will be oriented to a curve. You can also evaluate a surface to get the normal as well.

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This definition was by @Michael_Pryor

Please see the attached images. One showing where the objects should be placed (green points) and the other image depicts kind of how it should look at the end. The objects on the points should twist with the curve pointing perpendicular to the surface

Thank you

correction it was done by @HS_Kim and modified later by @Michael_Pryor.

Use Surface Closest Point to get the position of the points on the surface. Then use Evaluate Surface, use uvP output on Surface Closest Point as uv input of Evaluate Surface, That will get you the frames on surface. Then use Orient component with an XY reference plane as A input and the surface frames an B input. This will orient your geometry on the surface at the points.

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Will try that. Thank you! (25.0 KB)

I tried to follow your explanation. I’m not sure about the last step. could you take a look? thank you

You didnt internalize your geometry so I just made one at the origin. (30.2 KB)

I guess it’s a little more complex. Please see attached pictures. the one with the (2) T shaped geometry is the desired result and orientation,

but this is what I get (see picture with rotated 45 degree T’s)
I’ve internalized the geometry this time.

Thank you! (26.7 KB)

The (2) dark green is desired result

also the center of the base should be on the point

Use an untrimmed surface rather than a trimmed surface, meaning don’t make the surface with patch, make it with something like surface from edges.

It only allows me to input 4 curves. Also, I have set multiple curves to the one curve parameter that’s why I chose patch. I tried " boundary surfaces and it creates a surface on the x-y plane only not on the actual 3d curves

Still having trouble trying to accomplish this. Any help is greatly appreciated