Place 4 different breps randomly on specific points

Hello ,

I’m very new at grasshopper and i’m trying to place breps on points, that i can manage to do, but now i want to place 4 different breps randomly in those same points.

But when i make it random it’s like it chooses one brep and apply that same brep to all of the points.
Is there a way to apply the objects randomly on top of those specific points?

I checked several videos and here on the forum and couldn’t figure out an answer.

Thank you for the help!

Here’s one that places 9 different modules.

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thank you i will check it out!

So I’m trying to use that as a base but i have a lot of points instead of a grid, and i try to do basically the same and still get just one of the objects spread almost all over instead of 4 different ones ( i get like 2 from the other shapes and then the rest is all that same one). they are all on the 0 and internalized in a brep.

Idk if the problem is on my list of points? because my tree branch got a lot more then 4 that i assume should be the right number of branches right?

Can you internalize the geometry and post the script above? I think you need to flatten the list going into the Create Set. Thanks

Well i tried to flatten it and it didn’t work i think the problem is in the plane and the points, its probably doing something weird there.
I placed the GP file here, its only like half of the points but if it works there will work in the all thing right?

4 shapes randomly in a group of (36.3 KB)

Jitter 4 shapes randomly in a group of (41.2 KB)

Maybe Jitter?

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Omg! yes! thank you! what is the jitter exactly can you tell me? cause i didn’t even knew that was a thing ahahah but it worked wonders!

Thanks a lot for the help!

Just think of this as suffering a bunch of cards.

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