Pipe variables

I understand how to link a curve to the pipe command in grasshopper and use a slider to vary the overall radius but cannot work out how to set up variable values for start and end radii and radii on other points on the curve. Can someone help please…possibly point me to where this is described in detail

Hi Giusseppe
You can use the “Pipe Variable” component like this

thank you…how did you define the points 0,1,2 ? I mean, how are they linked to points in rhino ?

I assume the lists of values have to be typed in manually in order to change …is there a way to attach a slider to each end point and to other points so that I can both vary radii and move the points along the curve and get visual feedback of the changing bulges?

Actually I cannot find how you made the value lists…yellow boxes…would you mind posting the grasshopper file so that I can work out what you did please…I am on a mac and some of the grasshopper tutorial videos seem to show things that I cannot do on the mac…like use the space bar to bring up the circle of commands

Thanks for the feedback….I cannot work out how you made the lists…what is the name of the yellow boxes

Yellow boxes is panel component.
my gh file:
pipe.gh (5.4 KB)

thank you so much…this is exactly what I wanted…now I just have to work out how to do it myself