Pipe thousands of lines in gh without crashing

Hi all,

I am wondering whether there is a smart way to use the ‘‘Pipe component’’ in grasshopper for multiple lines without crashing. I have around 200.000 lines on my parametric model yes my model is well designed.
I have tried to group those lines into several groups and pipe group by group but this takes also much time.
What approach do you suggest? Is the reduction of the number of lines inevitable or there is a smart way to tackle this challenge? Are there any plugins that can do this job efficiently?

Thanks for your time.

are meshes an acceptable solution for your purpose? MeshPipe runs -much- faster than (Nurbs)Pipe

wait, with lines you mean lines? polylines? :smiley: or curves?


Just to be sure: there’s no duplicate lines? This could help a bit. Sort duplicate lines from Lunchbox does a great job (not always, but It helps). Try the Remove Duplicate from Geometry Gym plugin also.

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I would ask this same question. How many control points are there on the line? Is it unnecessarily complicated – is there any way to simplify it further? Room to try REBUILDCRVNONUNIFORM or similar things?

Also I gotta ask why. Example, if you’re rendering 2D scenes of a complicated model, you don’t need to have all of the pipes PIPEd.


Hi Inno,
Many thanks for your help. Actually, MeshPipe is working perfectly with my polylines. It is exactly what I need.



Hi ,thanks for the reply. Mesh pipe is the perfect solution! and yes there are no duplicate curves!