Phyton + Array + filter

Hi there,

I am trying to mirror an object when it is arrayed ten or more times. I´m using a very simple Python script do make the True or False statement. But it’s not working. Both Python and GH codes seems to be OK.

Somebody have an idea what am I doing wrong? (12.8 KB)

Hi @backheuser,

You renamed the out of your Python component to “mi”, however this output is reserved for execution information. You should output data trough the default output a or other outputs that you can add if needed. Those outputs can be renamed as desired.

Furthermore, the tab size for line indentation in Python is 4 spaces, not 2.

Thank you very much @diff-arch!
It is working now.

Such a silly mistake!

Pep 8 recommends 4 spaces but any number of spaces or tabs is permitted, so long as you are consistent throughout a single file.

i’m a beginner in python. Any tip helps a lot. Thank you very much @Dancergraham and @diff-arch