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Good morning, I would like to create a VisualARQ table in which each space is associated with its windows area and the corresponding aero-illuminating ratios. Is it possible?
For example, if a space has two windows, I would like the row for this space to include the sum of the windows areas and a ratio between the sum of the windows areas and the space area.

@fsalla is this possible?

It’s totally doable with grasshopper.

Within your space settings, you’d need to set up two Parameters for the Window Area and the Window To Space Ratio. Set the Window area as “area” and the space ratio as “percentage”.

Make a grasshopper script that pulls the space curve, extrudes it based on the height, and tests which windows intersect that box. I’m using a Bounding Box for simplicity, if the windows aren’t rectilinear you would need to orient the window profile on the wall and extrude it, but I’m keeping it simple here.

Then pull the area of the intersection between windows and spaces (so your calculation doesn’t include windows that don’t touch the space), do the math, update the property of the space. You’ll need to tweak the list items (17 & 18) as needed so it is setting the right parameter.

Now create a table and add the custom two fields to the space table.


You are a genius! Thank you very much!!!

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Thanks @arcus for helping and contributing to this!


Hello Thomas, thank you for the solution!! But I want to let you know that I’ve been learning to use Grasshopper for a couple of months now, so I’m not very experienced with it. Having said that, I’m having difficulty orienting the window profile along the normal of the hosting wall. I’ve attached some photos to help you understand the problem better. (P.S.: I can’t use the method with the ‘bounding box’ component because my windows include the windowsill, so the area would be incorrect)


When you decompose a window, the P is the aligned plane. In this example I’ve aligned the bounding box so that it cuts correctly on a angled or curved wall. I’ve grafted the decomposed window and the bounding box so the tree matches.
I’ve also added a patch command so that is correctly calculates the surface area of the curved wall (since it isn’t planar).

In your case, if you are subtracting out parts of the profile, once you have the plane of the windows you can try using Orient to align the profile surface to those planes.
Since the profile surface is centered in the XY and the window plane is vertically aligned to the bottom, you may have to shift the starting XY plane or the oriented surface so that it correctly lines up with the window.

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Thank you very much for the advice, I really appreciate it! If you happen to visit Italy, especially Veneto, I’ll give you a case of Prosecco as a gift! :grinning: :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome! I’m glad that helped. Sounds like I need to plan a trip!

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