Personal Project: Toy Gun

Hello everyone.
I am sharing this personal project I am working on: a toy gun.

The final intention is to 3D print it, hoping everything works correctly without any issues. The main problem I encountered was with the printing tolerances. I had to adjust the 3D model through various attempts to ensure that the different parts fit together smoothly.

The ammunition it shoots is the toy darts from “Nerf”. The printer is an Elegoo. The work is not finished yet (I am still printing the different parts).

In the meantime, I am sharing some renders of the gun, with sections and an exploded view.

Thank you for your attention.



Looks rather complicated for a toy. Nice work-Mark



Gun charger


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Speaking as someone who has done a lot of of professional work for nerf, please paint that thing candy colors and not greys and blacks so no one gets killed playing with it.

sadly, that is 100% a real thing.


already thought of it, it’s not even finished at the moment… the children will never play with it, I made it to play with my friends at home.
Killing is a strong word; the most it does is tickle. The bullets aren’t even real.

the problem isn’t the user of this item, it’s folks who see you using it… After almost 30 years in the toy biz, I could tell you some very tragic toy gun stories. There is a reason Nerf stuff does not come in black or grey.

That said, you certainly don’t need a lecture from me or anyone else, just please be safe.

Specifically, the problem is if the toy gun looks real enough, in certain places in the world the person playing with it runs the risk of being shot by police because it appears real.

@theoutside I can certainly imagine the stories you could tell me about children getting hurt, but it is more likely that children will hurt themselves by eating Lego bricks. :melting_face::rofl:

It’s possible, but not where I live, which is in Italy. The police are even afraid to shoot a criminal because, according to Italian law, the officer who shoots is always investigated.
In Italy, criminals are more protected than the police—true story. 100%
Law enforcement officers would rather be hit by a bullet than shoot in self-defense.

here in the US its a very different story… way way way too many kids playing with toy guns have been shot by police

how lucky you are to live somewhere that you don’t have to worry about that.
be well, play safe.

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It’s absurd that they shoot at a child.:pensive:

I couldn’t agree with you more. but it happens here with terrifying frequency.