Periodic noise? 4d noise, tundra

Does anyone know if it is possible to get periodic (tileable) noise using 4D noise or Tundra?

If it is on 2d it is possible. You have to apply 3d noise on a torus and then use uv of the torus as XY. It is not very uniform so you will have to play with GraphMapper size, the torus parameters …

You’ll need Lunchbox for the Torus
periodic (13.9 KB)


Hi Laurent. Thanks for your solution, it is an interesting approach. I guess it can create a bit of distortion but not too worried about it.

For sure there is some distortion. It could be slightly controlled through the use of range component and graphmapper for the UV coordinates instead of mesh plane component
Like this (Graph mapper function must keep range from [0 1] to [0 1]

periodic (15.5 KB)

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