Performance with Clipping Planes

Nice! I’m worried about performance though… Somehow the less I want to show, the worse the performance. Clipping Planes in Rhino are often affecting display performance way to much to be able comfortably work with clipped geometry.

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Do you have an example model that demonstrates it? If so, can you please attach it here, or DM me with it? Thanks!

Also, are you running Windows or Mac Rhino WIP?

Hi, maybe my observations weren’t fully precise I will look further into it.
However, what is probably easy to reproduce is that if you have a scene and Display Mode with Shadows, and “Shadows ignore user defined clipping planes” set to TRUE, adding Clipping Plane that is not even clipping anything makes a huge impact on the performance.

Hi -

In a quick test, I’m not seeing that here, no.
Please provide the SystemInfo data, a sample model, and information about which display mode you’ve changed and if “Shadows ignore user defined clipping planes” is the only change to that display mode.