Rhino 8 Feature: Selective Clipping

Hi Rajaa,

thank you very much for this, the new command for ClippingSection is a lot more help than just clipping plane now that it generates a named view with the same name also. We can now put these named views on layouts.

Now the only thing we´re really missing is plotting these beautiful sections with all the shading and hidden lines in vector format PDF, so that we can create magnificient drawings which do not take up 100s of MB each.

And maybe a possibility to automatically generate these sections one next to each other along a path with some tolerance setting (maximum deviation from base curve, maximum section length, divide by amount … ??) and possibly based on properties of specified, previously selected section.

Nevertheless - thank you very much for your work!!



This is an awesome addition. Thank you.

When it comes to UX I have some observations.

1. Both include and exclude should be available at the same time in given Clipping Plane
In the example below I quickly included the Wall layer to Be clipped, but I want certain Walls (objects) to be excluded from that.
Right now I can overcome this by switching from Layer Clipping to Object Clipping and manually selecting all Walls with the exception of ones that I don’t want to clip.
The problem with this workaround is that it quickly becomes outdated as soon as I add new Walls. - I must correct Object selection.
So the hierarchy of settings should be like that:

Include: layer Walls
Exclude: selected objects from Layer Walls.

Both Include and Exclude must be available for the given Clipping Plane. Include this layer but exclude these objects from it

2. Object selection must be also possible based on other than Layer or Object - preferably Object Attribute Text
I bake geometry from Revit into Rhino and replace/refresh it all the time. Because after rebaking new geometries are not the same GUIDs as previously, every object selection is lost…
I would solve it by attaching User Attribute Text to given Revit geometries, so the connection between Revit and Rhino objects is stable.
Then I would include/exclude clipping of some objects based on their Key/Value.

BTW Object User Text should be also used in other Rhino functions like e.g. Named Selections


Many thanks for this!
Some display related things:

First, when objects are moved ‘through’ a clipping plane interactively, a confusing mix of the yellow selection wireframe, the object and the section surface is shown. It just doesn’t look right.

We should expect the object to look correctly clipped all the time when moving, not just after mouse up, right?

Second, something regarding clipping plane’s arrows and text: when changing the length of the clipping plane, their size should remain the same, not scale up or down!

And why are the ends of the clipping line suddenly… clipped when moving a control point?


This is a must have!

Good idea!

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Thanks for the improvements. I have some questions:

Could the Shade selected plane be changed so it goes fully through the clipped object instead of just through the widget?

I believe the curves / outlines extracted with _ExtractClippingSections used to be linked to the section plane. They’re not linked currently.

For this section I chose the fills option and the fills by default are meshes for a mesh and the texture is applied. The surface normals seem to be inconsistent.

I’m not sure if applying the texture from the original object makes sense and I think I’d prefer to have the fill extracted as a hatch instead of a mesh for a mesh and surface for a polysurface. Is there a setting where this could be customized?

selective_clipping_issues.3dm (3.9 MB)

_UpdateClippingSection and _ExportClippingSection commands are dead.

We used to have a _ToolbarReset command. I tried Reset and reset just toolbar customizations. What is the recommended process to get rid of dead commands / icons?

I am wondering about how this construction knot was made. I have an idea that it was made via grasshopper, but would accept any other insight.

Also, what plug - in or “method” was chosen to apply a texture on surface for this construction?

I apologize if these questions are not in common with this topic or my terminology is wrong.

Thank you in advance…

Hi Eugen -

I’ve put that on the list as RH-75238 Display: Dynamic Clipping Section

That was moved to Clipping Plane Widget.

On the list as RH-75239 Display: Shade selected clipping plane

That command is undergoing changes. I’ve added comments to RH-74387 (not public).

I’m afraid I don’t understand the question and how it is related to this topic.


I’m messing a little bit with Bongo, and of course it would be great if realtime clipping was supported:


Dear @rajaa I post this again.

The screenshot shows a section through a cube with procedural texture and a 3D scan of mine with a surface mapped texture.

The section through the cube looks correct, however the texture inside the scanned object looks terrible.

I think it would look nicer if the inside was colored in an averaged color taken from the texture?

selective_clipping_issues.3dm (3.9 MB)

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or, the clipping plane could support having texture mappings assigned

it already seems to allow assigning a material, though I don’t see that having any effect yet

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Hi @martinsiegrist I filed this as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-75909

The custom UV texture from the scan won’t be useful for the section but you should be able to override the material.

Thanks Brian, what if the scan texture was just somehow averaged into a single color?

Hi @martinsiegrist I found this workflow that may help for that. Set the object’s section style to by clipping plane and then edit the clipping plane style to use a solid fill with a custom color. You can then use the eyedropper to sample.

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Thanks that looks clean.

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RH-75238 is fixed in the latest WIP

Ok @BrianJ I found the problem. I was missing the ‘Use section styles’ checkmark in the rendered display mode settings…

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Hi, @rajaa
Both Make2D and Clipping Sections are only accepting one Clipping Plane at once. Your video shows the usage of multiple Clipping Planes. Will this change before shipping Rhino 8 and creating drawings cut by multiple planes will be possible?