Peel Command? Where is it?

I am in need of doing some “advanced flattening.” The Peel command as described here:

Seems to do exactly what I need to do, however, I don’t have it. I have Rhino 5.0. I am trying to create a 2D flattened pattern from a closed, doubly-curved cone shape. Is this a command in development right now?

I split the shape into a series of strips and tried squish, but couldn’t figure out a setting that gave me reasonable results. It’s a completely symmetrical shape (like a dome) so I should be able to get identical strips to form the shape like this image:

Thank you for your help!

If you read the article more closely, you’ll see this was put together because the V3 Expander plug-in from Ship Constructor was abandoned.
We put that tool together to help fill the gap for V4.
It states it DOES NOT include the Expander commands: Unfold/Unbend, Flow, and Peel. V4 and V5 DO include: UnrollSrf, Smash, and Squish.

Good luck

I get a decent result in a quick test here using UnrollSrf but I’m not sure what percentage of shrink you can allow. This will also be relative to the size of the slice flattened I think but here’s my set up.
UnrollSrf.3dm (312.8 KB)

John – Guilty! I definitely did not read closely enough. When I saw “DOES NOT” include in V4, I assumed it meant that it was in V5. I will say based on the description, it would be an invaluable tool for future versions.

Brian – I never could get it to work for me. I believe the difference is that the base of mine also has a double curvature. The best results I got was actually with FlattenSrf - which I didn’t know existed. You guys are awesome!

At the time (it’s been a while), we tried to buy the code and rights to the plug-ins since it was so popular. We never got anywhere with them. We polled the support newsgroup for what problems they were trying to solve, and decided to develop what we did. Since that time, you are the first person I can recall to ask for their old “Peel” tool.

hey Scott, were you trying to rationalize the shape for fabricating a cool looking membrane structure? Looking for the flattened shape for cutting patterns in a plastic skin maybe? Another way to do that is to rebuild your smallest segment shape (a/p the sample slice in Brian’s file) with the U degree 1 and V degree 3, then pump up the V point count until you get something with an appropriate facet quantity, 30 seems reasonable depending on the scale of the structure of course. That will then unroll nicely and be ‘accurate’ for what is just a ruled surface.

Air filled or rib skeleton will then fill it out nicely.