Pattern to trimmed surface

Hi guys how can i make this pattern in a trimmed surface??? i also tried with this script but doesn’t work!

Hey @Pietro_Chiappa You didn’t post your file(s) - however it seems that if your desired surface isn’t too crazy (assuming it’s the green strip you show above) you could probably: (1) Untrim it and apply the script to it then do some culling so you only keep what falls inside the trimmed region; (2) use its four corners to split into four edges and create an Edge Surface which should be untrimmed within the boundaries you want; (3) if creating an edge surface results in a surface that deviates too much from the original (trimmed) one then you could transform the pattern from one to the other with Sporph or MapToSurface

hi there i upload the script, cause i didn’t understand how to do it…
i also upload the desired result that i would want… pla help me .( (11.3 KB)

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@Pietro_Chiappa the script you sent didn’t come with the trimmed surface… (31.4 KB)

Here’s an example of one of the methods mentioned above, where you ‘untrim’ your trimmed surface using its four edges (to form an Edge Surface) - then, to speed it up (the offset part), it seemed convenient to project everything to the ground, do the operations there, then project ‘pavers’ back up to the surface, where you can turn each one into a non-planar edge surface to then extrude them based on surface normals - NOTE: I reduced the number of subsurfaces just for the sake of speed.



Thank you, so using this script I should be able to use also a planar surface with some turns? (like the horrible drawing that I did)
Sorry I’m still a noobie in grasshopper
Thanks for your help really appreciated!!!

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Arent’ we all :slight_smile:

No worries - I might have gotten fooled by the image where I thought this was deformed in 3D.

Here’s a modified example using a planar surface: (31.6 KB)

Thanks again!!