Pattern Problem

Hi guys,

Probably a very simple question but anyways here it comes.

Imagine if we have a Hex pattern, so I want to eliminate the parts circled in red, just them four bits. I was trying to take the longer way and placing them into a list and trying to work it manually but I am sure that there is an easier way. So is there a simpler way to get rid of these four bits?

The code is tiny but I have attached it and thank you so much. (7.2 KB)

In this case at least just by eyeballing, they’re the smallest by area, so sort by area and cull the first 4 elements. (8.9 KB) (6.6 KB)

another way…

Amazing, I had the same idea but was thinking if the cells are tiny. That’s very good thank you

Thank you so much makes so much sense, just amazing