Pattern attraction/repulsion along curve


I am very new to rhino and was asked to experiment with attraction/repulsion circles to create a simple pattern (based on attraction#repulsion with a point or curve). I Was wondering how I can make this definition stand vertically and along a given curve.

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Like this?



thank you for your help, but I think I wasnt clear enough of my intentions. I have attached a sketch of what I’m trying to do. Basically, turned vertically because these will be balconies, I’m developping a motif generated by repulsion following a curve that outlines these balconies.I’m not sure how to make the circles follow the curve that is in blue (sketch).

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thank you so much ! I’m gonna study what you have done here :slight_smile:

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sorry to bother you again. the definition you provided me is great and it is kind that you took the time. I’ve been trying to orient the circles in the case the panels change in the XY direction. I know it has something to do with the area in purple I have highlighted in my definition. Can you be of assistance again ?

thank you !PATTERN (14.9 KB)

You didn’t internalized your base curve parameter.
See linked especially no.3.


Im not sure I understand what you mean by internalized. As I generate the geometry following the curve it gives me this:

But the pannels in red the circles follow the XZ, but I need them to also follow YZ. I tried the SFrames suggested elsewhere but the center of this definition does seem to be on each pannel.


Read it carefully.

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I’m still struggling. I believe what I need to do is transform the Extrusion into a surface ? Not sure how. I’ve read about internalizing but not sure I understand the steps.

thanks for your help

right click the grouped curve component and hit ‘Internalize Data’

Not sure how it is not following the direction of the pannels now, as I had used this in another defintion before.

Thank you :slight_smile: !

Internalizing data doesn’t change anything…
It stores your geometry in the gh file. So after uploading, we also have your geometry. So please upload your file again and don‘t post screenshots of it.

It seems you still don’t understand what Internalise means,
The curves you create in rhino are not automatically saved in your GH file.
Therefore, you should internalize your curve parameters when posting files otherwise you should post your 3dm file together.

Anyway check attachment and think about how the initial poly line path is stored in GH file without rhino file.


Thank you for helping me learn. I definitely very much appreciate your help :smiley:

Hi I have a last question regarding this; The circles dont scatter out evenly onto the who surfaces generated by the curve. Can you indicate what is wrong ? thank you PATTERN (16.3 KB)

Get this and if you don’t understand the details of definition, you can’t adjust it for another variation for your future need. (13.4 KB)