Patch Command: Question about Sample Point Spacing option

Background: I am trying to develop a NURBS surface from point-cloud data of a geologic structure in order to look at curvature across the geological surface.

Question: In the “Sample Point Spacing” option for the Patch command, are the sample points the points in my point cloud? Meaning, if my data is in meters, and I set the Sample Point Spacing to 0.25, will the Patch command sample points from my point cloud every 0.25 meters in the U and V directions to produce the NURBS surface?


Hello - Patch accepts curves and points but basically works off of points - the sample point spacing applies to input curves - these are sampled to generate points to feed to the underlying patch surface making code. I believe point input is used ‘fully’ so to speak.

@lowell - is that more or less not-too-misleading?


That looks extremely not-too-misleading

Thanks for the quick reply, Pascal.