Pass "current layer" information onto grasshopper? [SOLVED]


(Anika Boeller) #1

Hi. I want to display my active layer as text at a prominent (absolute) position in the viewport… (i keep forgetting what layer on all the time)

i want to use the human component “Render Text to screen” for displaying…
i havent found a solution to get the data from Rhino into GH though…


@anika.boeller, have you seen this ?


(Anika Boeller) #3

hm. i have no previous experience in scripting/programming…
read through but cant make it work yet.

im tangling with this at the moment:


Hi @anika.boeller, just curious, is the display of the current layer beside the Grid Snap toggle in the StatusBar not usable for you ?


(Anika Boeller) #5

i know its there… but i have this idea that maybe if its more present it ll enhance my “clean” modeling speed. and would like to try this through a script/grasshopper for a start… btw also the osnap toggle eg for disabled projected snaps… are way to small/out of sight down there.
if im drawing and i d have visual feedback for these options at the cursor, it would reduce a lot of undos…

have you tried to pull the current layer property into gh?

(Anika Boeller) #6

also cannot open the rhino6 gh python editor… strange…

(Anika Boeller) #7

works now… i had to erase ghpython2 out of the components folder… there was another python.gha file…

getting current layer: