Pascals Notcher!

rather than unravel the thread that developed originally,

is there now, for V5 by the way, a neat slim easy command to notch (half SLOT) two intersecting sheets of material.
I have the attached and wish to half slot each so they fit together. Like one might do a vulcan salute on each hand and bring the two hands together on the ‘V’ between the fingers.
Normally there is a tolerance added in so if thematerial is 1mm thick the slot might be 1.1mm wide, with a 0.1mmlikewise tolerance at the slot end, so an ability to enter the tolerance value required as well as slot width is required.

Command might go something like:-
select objects for notch at top, enter when done
select objects for notch at bottom, enter when done
tolerance value,

and it works out the notch width after establishing the object size. If its clever enough to do that.

Notcher half slotting command.3dm (31.7 KB)


Does this mean that the script posted to do this does not work?

Notcher half slotting command_PG.3dm (117.2 KB)


as per what I have written, I got lost unravelling the original thread with others in on the comms and needs.
so much computer coding there I couldnt see the wood for the trees.
I just wondered if after all that spaghetti it did what I ask above for.
I hoped this thread would prove a summary and quick fix for anyone wishing for a final solution without ploughing through all the coding, the original even seem to go into making buttons.

However reading backwards up the posts I come across a code I didnt spot, when I originally saw coding I presumed had to be pasted somewhere.

I have now drag dropped that rvb file to a V5 open window, select my first object, enter the tolerance, select the second object and …bang …error.

see attached.notcher%20script%20error