Partial import

It would be amazing if Rhino could support some form or partial importing of elements. It would be really useful when importing large files. I imagine that it would let you select elements needed and imort them disregarding everything else.

It’s related, but not exactly the same to this question: Partial block import - #2 by Daniel_Krajnik

Of course, as it is now, you can open the origin file in a separate instance of Rhino, select the desired objects and export them to an intermediate file then import them from there.

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Or copy/paste between files…

I don’t know how you would be able to choose what objects you want to import without seeing them first anyway - and in any case the file from which the objects are to be imported would need to be read in its entirety in order to know what objects are in it. So opening the file with objects to import as a second instance and then copy/pasting over the objects you want seems like the most efficient way to do this.

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I am trying to avoid making a copy to maintain links between the files (if dwg updates Im hoping to reflect these changes in rhino)

@Helvetosaur what could work instead is perhaps an option to hide elements in inserted blocks? Would it be possible to have a filter option to hide anything but selected objects per block instance? It think that it would be a really useful feature

It’s a different question though, so Ive posted it separately here, but happy to receive feedback either way: